French President Emmanuel Macron (L) looks on as U.S. President Donald Trump flicks a bit of dandruff off his jacket during their meeting in the Oval Office following the official arrival ceremony for Macron at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 24, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RC1F6E15B290

Authored by: Reza Jamali

Reza Jamali (PhD/Strategic Management, Independent Scholar)

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What exactly is happening right now that not-so-eminent politicians like Macron serving as the President of France or Mohammed bin Salman as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia turn out to play important roles in the international arena all of a sudden? We all know that both the countries of France and Saudi Arabia share one thing in common; that is, they give the impression of being very rich and classy from the outside while both nations are struggling with scores of problems and issues deep under the skin. Furthermore, many believe that such characters are clinging to a variety of political sources in order to portray themselves as political powers on the international scene.


Let me start with the example of President Macron, a figure less known to the world by April 23, 2017; but recognized as an experienced young man by the world in the May 7, 2017 elections, someone who could beat his biggest rivals. However, at the moment, in the May of 2018, after one year from those high-inflammatory election days, Mr. Macron could actually make completely different faces. Perhaps, faster than any leaders across Europe, he was able to propose himself as an intermediary between the West and the East, i.e. the United States and the Middle East. At a time when everyone was certain that Iran nuclear deal was collapsing, Mr. Macron could have a magically crush romantic love, what I would label “interest groups’ love” or “political love”, with President Trump through building a deep and meaningful friendship with him in Syria.

As a representative of Europe, Macron also visited the United Stated with a lot of hustle and bustle to save the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as someone trusted by Mr. Trump. But, later on, with the withdrawal of the United States; it became very obvious that all these hullabaloos were just to let others see that Europe was not in agreement with the policies of the United States, maybe to reduce Iran’s discomfort!

Here, I might immediately violate my own previous sentences. President Macron was merely a puppet in the hands of Mr. Trump to help make Europe and Iran disengage from the JCPOA. In fact, Macron was exploited as a policy tool for the United States to lower the global shocks for such abandonment.

At this point, imagine that President Trump had not withdrawn from the JCPOA. I think this scenario could be repeated and Mr. Trump would bring the withdrawal forward when it came to the excuse that Macron had been able to build trust with him and, to some extent, persuade him to reform the JCPOA.

Macron’s First Step

The first great step taken by Macron to make oneself known was during the resignation of Saad Al-Hariri in Saudi Arabia, as the Lebanese Prime Minister. In a mysterious way, Saad Al-Hariri announced his resignation in Saudi Arabia and the entire world thought that he had acted so under pressure.

More than any other countries, even Lebanon, France and Mr. Macron made efforts to save this politician. Now, the whole world realized that Saad Al-Hariri had been resuscitated via the deadline set by President Macron. So, it is supposed that Macron as a savior could successfully take his first step forward.

Macron’s Second Step

As a split-personality, and even multiple personality man, Mr. Trump did not know for himself what to do about Iran nuclear deal. That is why the international community was in a situation full of ambiguities like the case of the resignation by Al-Hariri. Now, it was time for Macron to take a bigger step. The question was how one can approach Trump, a President with a multiple personality. The answer was not full of twists and turns; that is, lending a hand to Mr. Trump to meet the needs of Israel and also removing Israel’s great concerns and supporting this state for the attack on Syria seemed the best choice. Since there was no big war ahead, financial conditions could not also make the situation difficult for France and this event could easily satisfy interest groups within this country. Accordingly, Macron as a yes-man accompanied Israel and the United States. In this case, Trump who also was waiting for a true friend in Europe; someone he had been so far deprived of, opened his arms to Macron. Thus, a great love was formed as those displayed in American film studios.

Now, Trump could have the ace up his sleeve whether by staying in or withdrawing from the JCPOA, and he also found a very effective tool in Europe for trouble-shooting. In the meantime, Macron could balance the concerns raised in Europe and the United States. Consequently, like a businessman, President Trump could really hire Macron and upgrade his international position.

Moreover, there are many examples wherein Trump has exploited some people as tools. In this respect, Mohammed bin Salman can be a good example! Although he is so unimportant and little that should not be included in this analysis, it is better to get to know him a bit. So, imagine you are born in a tribal system wherein women do not have the right to drive, they have no right to express joy, and they are merely known as tools serving for satisfying male sex drive and giving birth. Meanwhile, a country like Iran in your neighborhood has been able to extend its power to the borders of Israel and become the first power in the region. Naturally, you cannot go to war with Iran using a horse and a sword; but, you need to pretend you are open-minded and making attempts to change your community, there is no better tool than being much closer to Mr. Trump and his son-in-law as two passionate businessmen.

As soon as you can seduce Mr. Trump by promising to sell Saudi Aramco stocks in the exchange market in the United States, supplying unlimited oil, and purchasing American weapons; you can do it right now. Trump also was in a dire need of a cow to feed the United States to reduce its unemployment rate. Today, this human resource policy tools can play their roles much more than traditional policy tools. By the way, a question should be addressed: where is Israel’s true position in this analysis?

We need to say that, what if there was no Israel’s lobby? Yes, the present article had not been essentially written because they are the ones who decide to make their tool, Mr. Trump, use the desired tools to meet their maximum benefits.


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